David's first teacher was Master Liu Yu of San Luis Obispo California where she has a Wushu and T’ai Chi school.  Master Liu Yu was on a professional team in China when she was eleven years old and is currently a formal disciple of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang.  David took private lessons with her for several years.  She encouraged him to compete at the Western Regional Championships held each year at Berkley University.  David eventually won gold medals in the Yang advanced category and silver medals in the Chen Form.  His next teacher was Master Shu Dong Li who has a school in Cupertino California.  Master Li is from Henan, China, a sacred place of Martial Arts where both the oldest Chen style Taijiquan and Shaolin Gong Fu originated.     

David studied the Chen Style Tiejiquan, Lao Jia Yi Lu, and a sword form and Qigong with Master Li for several years.  Master Li formally certified him as a qualified instructor in the Yang and Chen styles.  He and his wife Angel also studied for a year with Master Jiaming Gao and her staff in Portland Oregon.  Master Jiamin Gao has won thirty two gold medals, and is referred to as The Queen of T’ai Chi in Asia.

"I do not offer this information to boast but simply to present our credentials as qualified instructors.  We consider ourselves only humble dedicated students and will continue to study for the rest of our lives."
Master David Fetyko