It is our mission to ground our students in Qigong (energy work), and Chan Si Gong (silk reeling work) which is the root of Taijiquan. Taijiquan is simply Qigong and Silk reeling applied to martial art routines. We continue our own training with the Masters and Grand Masters, especially the Chen Family, so we can bring the best teaching to our students. David has been a serious student of taijiquan for twenty nine years and has been teaching it for twenty seven years in California and Vancouver Washington. His wife, Angel Chen Fetyko is from Guangzhou China and has been studying Taijiquan for about twelve years and has been teaching with David for the past ten years.
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David is an excellent and highly skilled T'ai Chi Master. He is very patient and understanding. He always answers questions and pauses to review areas of difficulty that his students may be experiencing. He is watchful of his students needs and he expresses concern for their varying abilities. David teaches T'ai Chi in such a way that his students learn it correctly. He is the best T'ai Chi instructor I have ever studied with.
Loraine Delahayde, Vancouver Washington

I really enjoy being in David and Angel's T'ai Chi class. They are both excellent teachers. David and Angel are very patient and supportive of all their students. They will provide individual instruction when they realize a student is having difficulty with the movements. They do this as long as the student is having difficulty. I am so glad that I found out about
this class.
Linda McKeown, Vancouver Washington

My wife and I have been taking a T'ai Chi course and have come to appreciate the calming effects we have experienced under the tutelage of Master Fetyko and his wife, Angel. Their combined experience shows through in the techniques they have taught our class in achieving Chi while performing the Yang 24 Standard Form. We hope to achieve even higher Chi and with the patience they exhibit towards us. We are excited
to try and reach the next level in our journey.
Bob and Jo Ann Kennedy, Vancouver Washington

Taking this class has benefited me in many ways. My blood pressure is down, my coordination and balance are improving, and I find my attitude in life has been lifted. David is the soul of patience. His emphasis on basics and understanding of why we are performing certain moves is great for the older and out- of- shape. Angel has his same attitude
and is lovely to follow as she does the moves with such naturalness. I love T'ai Chi and have become a life-long devotee. I don't think I could do without it.
Rachel Marquez, Vancouver Washington